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About me

Hi, Gert here.

I picked up my first photography camera in the early ’70s. It was my fathers camera and thankfully he let me use it for making photos of our family, friend and travels. I kept developing my photography skills ever since. A few years later I also had the chance to start with video filming. First in monochrome and years after that in color. That all started in 1978.

From that time on then I also kept developing my photography, videography and editing skills with the latest tools when they came available on the market. I learned working with the first versions of Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One and for video: Premiere, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve.

You can find my work on this website, my Youtube channel and FlickR page.

                                                                         photo by Olaf Douma

Gert Kracht 📷🎬📚🖊


What if Earth were paradise

What if Earth were paradise, but we just hadn’t realized it? One of the most beautiful hikes in the world. Crossing Lofoten, Norway on foot. The Lofoten is an island group off the coast of the Nordland province in northern Norway. The Lofoten consists of a number of islands. The…

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The G in PhotoGraphy

May 20th, 2021 is the day my father passed away at 7:30 am in the morning at the hospice Lotus in Zwolle. He suffered from a very rare form of peritoneal cancer. A disease that was incurable and that started to weigh him down a year after the bad news…

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Photography Online

One of my favorite Youtube channels is Photography online. Photography online is a monthly photography show from the team at Mc2 Photography. They produce two videos each month and release those on the second and last Sunday of the month. The Mc2 team has its base on the Isle of…

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See you out there!