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About me

Hi, Gert here.

I picked up my first photography camera in the early ’70s. It was my fathers camera and thankfully he let me use it for making photos of our family, friend and travels. I kept developing my photography skills ever since. A few years later I also had the chance to start with video filming. First in monochrome and years after that in color. That all started in 1978.

From that time on then I also kept developing my photography, videography and editing skills with the latest tools when they came available on the market. I learned working with the first versions of Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One and for video: Premiere, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve.

You can find my work on this website, my Youtube channel and FlickR page.

                                                                         photo by Olaf Douma

Gert Kracht 📷🎬📚🖊


The Terminal

I watched ‘The Terminal’ more than a dozen times. Why? Well, imagine an empty hall where they created a complete ‘living’ airport terminal inside. The Terminal of an International airport nearby New York, where people depart to, or arrive from their destinations , where they sit and wait, talk, walk,…

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De dag dat ik mijn camera vergat

In December 2021 besloten we een wandeling te gaan maken over het strand en door de duinen van het Waddeneiland Terschelling. De rugzak stond die dag ingepakt klaar en we vertrokken al vroeg om de snelboot naar het eiland te halen. Normaal boek ik veel liever de langzame boot, maar…

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Apple Silicon

To understand what happened with the switch Apple made with their Macbooks to introduce a complete new series with SOC chips I was looking for more information about it on the Internet. One video on Youtube explained their switch to developing their own M series: One very strange part in…

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See you out there!