June 6, 2022

Apple unveils all-new MacBook Air, supercharged by the new M2 chip

MacBook Air features a new, strikingly thin design in four beautiful finishes, a larger 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display, 1080p HD camera, MagSafe charging, and more

M2 also comes to the 13-inch MacBook Pro with 24GB of fast unified memory, ProRes acceleration, and up to 20 hours of battery life

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA Apple today introduced a completely redesigned MacBook Air and an updated 13-inch MacBook Pro, both powered by the new M2 chip β€” which takes the breakthrough performance and capabilities of M1 even further. MacBook Air takes everything users to love about the world’s best-selling laptop to the next level. With an all-new, strikingly thin design and even more performance, MacBook Air also features a larger 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display, a 1080p FaceTime HD camera, a four-speaker sound system, up to 18 hours of battery life,1 and MagSafe charging. It is now available in four finishes β€” silver, space gray, midnight, and starlight. M2 also comes to the 13-inch MacBook Pro, the world’s second best-selling laptop β€” delivering incredible performance, up to 24GB of unified memory, ProRes acceleration, and up to 20 hours of battery life, all in a compact design. The new MacBook Air and updated 13-inch MacBook Pro join the even more powerful 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro with M1 Pro and M1 Max to round out the strongest lineup of Mac notebooks ever offered. Both laptops will be available next month. 

Up to today no sign of a new Mac Pro which was announced during the last Apple event. With that in mind and possibly two more events that can happen this year, we have to be patient and see when the last model will be transformed into a huge powerhouse, and nobody but developers knows best what is coming.

It does look like Apple is slowing down a bit, which makes sense. Two years ago the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro 13-inch with M1 were introduced. They now have been updated, after two years. I do hope the new models all come with Magsafe, as the new Macbook Air with M2 has. Apple still decided to give the Macbook Pro 13-inch two ports on the left, but no Magsafe connector.

I’m still working on my Macbook Pro 16 inches with an Intel i9 processor. It is one of the last Intel computers in the Apple series and only one in our house, and will eventually be replaced by a Macbook Pro M2 Pro or Max. For now, this computer is functioning well and is fast enough to do all the work I throw at it. It also runs with the coming OSX Ventura which I am very happy about. My Photography apps and Final Cut Pro with 4K or 360 Video in ProRes and/or H264/265 all run well on this machine. New Macbook Pro models 14 and 16 inches will probably be introduced in 2023 or beyond. Until then I will enjoy working on this fine machine.

Besides the incredible computing speed, it also comes down to finding the right workflow. And fast new machine also has to be connected with new and faster external drives. Apple has removed many bottlenecks from the inside their computers. No more spinning hard drives and almost every internal component has received a huge update. For instance, compare these speeds: internal hard drives went up from 120 to internal storage with 2700+ MB/second and USB ports went up from 480 Megabit to 40 Gigabit/second. Inside each Macbook the bandwidth of the internal bus speed also has improved exponentially.

The best news is that every new Mac consumes less power. My old Mac Pro 2008 power consumption was hundreds of watts. That went down to a max of 90 Watts with my current Macbook Pro. The new machines have grown into real professional mobile workhorses that use almost half the amount of power which is a huge money saver.

The new Macbook Air has the new M2 built-in. One huge advantage is the Magsafe port built-in. That port is, strange enough, missing in the new Macbook Pro M2. That one has two USB ports and a touch bar. As if Apple has used the older model housing. Still, both computers are a huge step-up in processing speed. I can’t wait for what Apple will bring in the coming months.

With the new M-line Macbooks Apple again has made a dent in the computer universe. Computer power has never been this good and others can only be inspired to make their products better.

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