To understand what happened with the switch Apple made with their Macbooks to introduce a complete new series with SOC chips I was looking for more information about it on the Internet. One video on Youtube explained their switch to developing their own M series:

One very strange part in the video is the fact that it ran fine without being connected to the power source. We could start a discussion about that, but I won’t join in. The fact is that all computers with M1, M1 Plus, M1 Max and M1 Ultra chipsets are all very power efficient built. A Macbook Air with M1 can work 20 hours on one battery charge and that is also the case for Macbook Pro 13 inch laptops with M1 and the new M2 chipsets.

Power consumption is a huge win over the Macbooks with Intel processors. My Macbook Pro 16 inch with i9 processor runs around 4.5 hours on one charge. With normal use: browsing and watching videos the new Macbook Pro 16 inch with M1 Max runs between 16 and 20 hours on one charge while running fast rounds around the Intel i9.

Even if the processing speed were the same, that alone makes me want to switch. But, there is more. The M1 series has gotten more and more support for applications running natively. Software developers have been very busy and many apps have been rewritten, including OSX, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Compressor, Logic, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, Capture One Pro, Microsofts Office 365 and many more.

Editing work will be much more easy. Overall every single part of the computer: internal processor(s), memory, internal storage and ports are all faster. So switching to a M1 or M2 in the future will be on the menu. For now it is time to wait and see. Everything is new with the M2 and new bigger models; 14 and 16 inch will follow after the introduction of the M2 Air and M2 Pro 13 inch.

What will count for the next M2 Max Macbook Pro 16 inch: obviously M2 Max, 32 GB memory and 2 TB storage. A Magsafe power connection with high power charging port, at least three and better: four Thunderbolt 4 ports and a built in SD-Card slot reader.

This first video or Rene Ritchie is interesting. A very good story about Apple making history with their Silicon series processors inside Apple iPhone, iPad and now the new M1 series Macbooks:

This video really got my attention! An interview with Apple VP’s about their new Macbooks and how they had fun watching their users really starting to USE their Macbooks with heavy applications like Final Cut Pro with multiple video streams. Which is exactly the same work I plan to do with it.

There is still time to wait and see. M1 computers have proven more than once they can deliver real processing power. With the new M2 Macbooks coming in the future I have to make a choice. For now my i9 will continue to serve me well. OSX is still updates as many apps are too. There will be a moment I have to switch, because Apple and many others will no longer support OSX and apps for Intel. For now we are all fine, for at least a couple of years. Let Apple system developers do their work. Improve their hardware and make it more energy efficient. That, together with all the hardware improvements makes it worthwhile to make a future switch.

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