Many YouTubers do a simple unboxing video, show the drone flying around then edit the footage in their videos. But, when it comes to the details, this is where the experts step in. Jeven Dovey and Flytpath both have released videos with a ton of information about this tiny new drone. Go to their channels and subscribe if you want to see more in the near future. Also, if you do: like the video. They have put a lot of their time into creating them.

After almost a week of Youtube influencers introducing the DJI Mini 3 drone the dust finally settles down and the real experts have finished their edits with a ton of information about this new drone.

I am a DJI drone user myself. Currently, I have the Mavic Air 2 and Mini 2. Both drones are perfect for the photos and videos I create. The Mini 3 Pro for me has a couple of new features I really like:

  • The camera can look up towards the sky at +60 degrees.
  • The camera can film at 4K60 fps.
  • The camera can take photos and videos in 9:16 vertical mode.
    (Note: not that I make vertical videos, but it may come in handy someday)
  • Much better flight time with the new + batteries.
  • A controller with a built-in LCD screen is so nice!
  • Less high pitch sound than the Mavic Mini 2.

Let me know what you like about this new drone and are you considering buying one?

Here are two videos that give you a lot of information:

And if you want to experience a more filmic approach, or want to know how to change the grey into red, watch this beautiful video Philip Bloom created with the Mavic Mini 3 Pro.

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