My channel on Youtube is not big enough for GoPro to send me a loaner of the Hero 11. But I have the patience to wait for others to test this new camera. No problem there, the money stays in the bank and I just have to wait for other persons findings. Why? Well, I own the GoPro Hero 9 and 10 cameras and I love working with both of them. They offer great image quality and the compact size is so good to work with. Both have integrated folding fingers so you can use the camera in all kinds of situations. I have sticky plates to use on walls or helmets, a mount for our dog, put on my backpack, on top of our car and different sticks and handles. Last summer I added a Quadlock with GoPro fingers on my new bike. These mounting possibilities make these cameras perfect for many much situations. Plus these cameras can film more than an hour on a battery (with the new Enduro even longer) and with each new model you get more settings to play with. Combined with the GoPro quick app and a year of their subscription you get even more to work with. Automatic unlimited upload to the cloud, camera insurance and the app can handle all of your GoPro cameras.

The new Hero 11 has the same size, uses the same size batteries, has 10 bit color space, it can film in 5k3, 4K120p and other modes. According to GoPro they improved thermal performance in the new Hero 11 Black. A redesigned heat sink, optimizing firmware and inluding the new Enduro battery in the box.

So, the one thing I wanted to know is: can I run free with this camera, without worrying about overheating, in normal conditions (with temperatures around 20-25 degrees celsius). I think it does. Is there a chance it will overheat? It might, according to DC Rainmaker in his video. But, as I said: under normal circumstances this is another great camera to work with and it will be in my kit soon. I do hope I will find one to test.

I absolutely like it when they react positive, like this, on Twitter. Thank you @GoPro

DC Rainmaker has all the information you need about the new GoPro Hero 11.
CNET has also tested the Hero 11 Black

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