Watching the video of Pierre T. Lambert about street photography I noticed he was recording all of his trips, including all of his city trips. It gives everyone an excellent point of view. After watching the video I went searching online. I have a Peak Design capture clip which I can use to carry around my GoPro Hero 9 with a little adapter on my backpack belt.

The camera plate is a little bit smaller and when walking around you can hear it making a clicking sound while carrying around the camera. I could have solved this with a small piece of tape on the back, but then I discovered the POV set from Peak Design.

The same camera plate with a GoPro compatible connection and a built in angled screw that prevents the plate from making sounds while walking. The complete set has multiple parts to work for you. A small arm for GoPro cameras, two exact length screws, a smaller plate for compact cameras and a small backplate for using the set with thinner belts. This POV set works with all Peak Design capture clips.

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