I have been following Levi Allen on his Youtube channel for quite a while now. His adventure videos stand out from other channels and he continues to amaze me with tiny details in his videos. Levi uses a Sony A7SIII, drone and 360 camera to record his material and like me, he edits everything in Final Cut Pro.

In this video Levi went in to the Canadian wilderness, together with his friends Jake and Trent to prepare for a camp alone. In this first part Levi has to learn fishing because in the second video he will be leaving for his camp alone and live from everything he can catch in the wild. For me this video was also a memory of my nephew Wim who also was an inspired fly fishing man, but he left us too soon. His heart stopped at 52. From all the photos his mother showed me, this video added a part of his life story when listening to the background sounds. Only a week ago I when visiting my aunt, she is 96 now, I again saw that photo of Wim standing in a water stream in the middle of a forrest in Switzerland while holding his fly fishing rod. What an amazing experience it must have been to be out there, alone in the middle of wild nature while standing in a huge stream of water surrounded by fish, waiting to be catched.

Levi Allen – Learning survival Skills to camp alone in the Canadian wilderness.

The beauty of Youtube is that people share these adventure experiences with others now. Trent also has his own Youtube channel and he made his own video edit of their adventure experience. A complete different edit, from a different point of view. It is fun to watch both videos and see the stories unfold. In the second part Levi will be left alone in the wilderness. Alone with his gear and fishing rod, surviving from the fish he plans to catch. 

Their guide Jake hasn’t released a video yet, but he too has his own Youtube channel which I started to follow. He too was left alone in the wilderness once and he has documented his experiences on video. All three of them are in the middle of the ‘adventure videos category’ on Youtube and I love watching these stories. We don’t have mountains or water streams, but our country certainly has other beautiful places we can visit. I use the same cameras and gear, I just have other points off views to film.

Thanks for the memories Levi, Jake and Trent. Looking forwards to the next videos.

If you are interested in Levi’s work. He has his own website called ‘Adventure Film Academy’ where you can find more information about him and his soon to be opened community.

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