Street photography is an art. There is so much more you have to do when you want to interact with people. I found this video of Pierre on Youtube. Two hours of pure street photography and he has recorded all of his work and interactions on the street with a GoPro on his chest. It gives a fantastic close-up of his work.

In a big city you walk in to all kinds of situations perfect for street photography. It can be buildings, reflections, action or just people sitting or walking around. And for people you need a special skill: you have to ask for permission to take a photo. You always have a 50% chance.

Pierre uses his Instagram account for his photos and a little printer which he can use while being on the road. Not everyone has Instagram or Internet. With his little printer he can print the result and make people happy with a print.

Pierre works with different Sony cameras and loves to use different lenses. He uses everything between 16 and 200mm focal length and with an aperture of f/0.95 to f/4 and he uses these lenses for all of his photography disciplines: landscape, travel, portrait and street photography. You can also find videos of his work on his Youtube channel.

Pierre has different playlists on his channel containing videos from his travels, street photography and workflow tips. He brings his knowledge of street photography everywhere he goes. Enjoy the video!

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