I watched ‘The Terminal’ more than a dozen times. Why? Well, imagine an empty hall where they created a complete ‘living’ airport terminal inside. The Terminal of an International airport nearby New York, where people depart to, or arrive from their destinations , where they sit and wait, talk, walk, visit shops and restaurants. A place where everything is alive 24 hours a day.

When you watch the making of ‘The Terminal’ you can get a better idea of the tremendous amount of work that has been done before the film crew stepped inside start filming the whole story. They had to recreate a giant set that became alive with every little detail you can find in a real terminal building.

This movie brought light in Steven Spielbergs movies, where in the past many serious subjects where shown. This movie makes you laugh, makes you fall in love with characters, makes you cry and most of all makes you feel happy for the characters in this story.

Please, take your time to watch the movie. Perhaps multiple times, to see the details in the background, they are everywhere. When you watch the movie, you will see a living terminal. One with people everywhere.

All of the characters in this story stole my heart. There are some brilliant roles played in this movie. Kumar Pallana as Gupta Rajan is so well played! Funny, a little bit sadistic and at the end serious! Barry Shabaka Henley as the honest and warm hearted Judge Thurman who always keeps an eye out for his people, Diego Luna as Enrique Cruz who is in love with Zoë Saldaña as Dolores Torres, Catherine Zeta-Jones as Amelia Warren looking for her true love and Tom Hanks as Viktor Navorski lost a country, but only wants to do one thing: visit New York to keep his promise.

Viktor brings in his role light in darkness, from the moment he arrives in America, carrying his promise with him, inside a little tin can. He brings everyone together and falls in love while trying to survive inside the Terminal building, which he is not allowed to leave.

One of the best and funny scenes in the story is the medicine for goat scene. This is how he will earn his title: ‘Viktor ‘the goat’ Navorski’.

Have a lovely time watching the movie.

The making of ‘The Terminal’
One of the best scenes: ‘Viktor “the goat” Navorski’

Have a lovely time watching this fantastic film production and enjoy the end, like Tom Hanks did when he played his role so incredible well. The Terminal is for sale on Apple TV and for hire on different online streaming platforms.

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